Phillip Ehret, Ph.D.

Behavioral Scientist

I am a behavioral scientist with a background in research, statistics, and evaluation.  My Ph.D. is in social psychology, and I have taken those skills and applied them in a variety of ways.

As a researcher, I focus on identifying psychological barriers to behavior change, and how to design interventions to overcome them.

As a statistician, I consult with a variety of clients and partners to maximize the insights from diverse data sets and data bases.

As an evaluator, I support companies, non-profits, and academic partners in establishing evaluation processes that enable continuous feedback and improvement.

Latest happenings

January 2020

My colleagues and I published our paper on the application of the Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills (IMB) Model to household water conservation. We identified and classified 24 residential water conservation studies using the IMB model, and discuss how the model can facilitate future intervention design.